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Our carbon fabric is the pinnacle of high-tech performance textiles. Carbon fibres are woven into powerful stretch material in a grid pattern. The carbon cage around the body compresses when muscles reach critical stress levels. Lightweight and resilient, its sleek surface increases speed and dries instantly. Worn by premiere athletes with legendary results, our carbon fabric is the most advanced answer to racewear, triathlon kits and compression gear.

The Powerskin Carbon Flex Range has everything you love about Arena racing wimwear: powerful performance, advanced technology and fierce style.

With a unique id00 tag technology in the VX edition, now your racing skins can talk too. Strong carbon fibres and stretch fabric optimize compression on over-extended zones. Strategic bonded seams and taping store potential energy that when released maximizes efficiency, power, and speed. Wear now to believe.

Stiff, strong and durable Carbon fibres combined with high-stretch fabric “lock out” when a critical stretch level is reached. This maximizes compression on over-extended zones, increasing support and control, when and where it’s needed. Strategic placement of low profile bonded seams and elasticized tapes is esigned to store potential energy, which is released during dives, kicks and turns to maximize efficiency, power, and speed.


Following 85 years of swimwear development inspired by the needs of dedicated swimmers, Speedo has created the ultimate racing range. Incorporating one of the most advanced cap, goggle and suit technologies ever, featuring second-skin fabrics and world-leading innovations that reduce drag and maximise your efficiency in the water.

Get ready to feel faster – in training, on race day, off the blocks and in the pool. You will notice the difference when using the competition tested Speedo Skins.

Speedo Australia have made it their mission to discover technologies that reduce drag and resistance, with countless hours of testing shape, conducting research and performing calculations on athletes, in conjunction with extensive 3D scanning of elite swimmers, Speedo produced the Fastskin range.

The Speedo Fastskin Racing System offers 2 suit solutions – LZR Racer X and LZR Racer Elite 2. Both engineered to work in harmony with cap and goggle to work as one efficient system in the pool creating the ultimate hydrodynamic form for maximum speed and performance gains.