SKINS have not been designed like regular everyday swimwear they are very fragile and made of high performance material.
They are often laser cut and made with precision. Skins are tight wearing and very fragile.

Do not expect this product to be designed for durability or long periods of use.

  1. Recommend that you shower before use to remove grease, oil, sunscreen, dirt, skin and face lotions and leave on conditioner.
  2. SKINS are not like regular bathers. A Skin can take up to 45 minutes to correctly fit. The key is to getting into the suit is patience and make sure the sections of the suit are correctly fitted over your body. Please avoid wrinkling or twisting the suit.
  3. Handy tips include putting gloves over your hands to avoid tears or placing plastic bags over your feet to prevent toenail snags.
  4. Pull the suit over your legs, and up as high as it will go before it gets too tight. Seams go straight up the sides of your legs and or torso. Patiently ease the SKIN upwards, it will be tight
  5. Woman should put one arm thought the straps of your suit and then the other. Please note straps should not restrict your shoulder movement nor should it prevent the range of motion in your legs and your arms.
  6. The key to wearing a successful skin is to look at the product before fitting, look for the compression panels and match those panels to the aligning part of your body.
  7. The grip edge must lie against your skin.
  8. Avoid contact with pool walls, decks, lane ropes and do not sit on starting blocks.
  9. When exiting the pool do not climb over lane ropes your suit can snag.
  10. Do not use bleach, do not iron and do not under any circumstance dry clean this item
  11. Whilst waiting for a time trial or a major race it is a good idea to take off your SKIN to preserve the elasticity and shape of the fabric, and to reduce wear and tear. Start at the top of the suit, peel it off your body, allowing it to turn inside out as you go. Please use your fingertips and not your fingernails. Sitting down often aids the removal of this item as it prevents bending over and stretching the fabric.
  12. Rinse the SKIN immediately after use in cold water and lay it flat. Do not put this item directly in the sun, this will lead to a faster breakdown of the Skin’s fabric


SKINS are simply the best choice for performance swimming but they need to be fitted carefully and slowly.

  1. Fold out the bottom edge of the suit so that the silicone is face up
  2. Gently pull the suit up and over the knee
  3. Fold the edge back down and smooth away any creases
  4. Ensure that there is no space between the suit and the crotch area
  5. When the suit is fitted correctly, it will allow you to bend your legs freely
  6. From the waist, pull the suit up and over the upper part of your body
  7. Slide one arm at a time through each armhole, smoothing the suit as you do so